The Best Dog Walking Gadget For All Pet Owners

⭐ Easy To Use ⭐
⭐ Durable Material ⭐
⭐ Strong and Easy Grip ⭐
⭐ Walk Two Dogs at Once – Tangle Free! ⭐

Getting the most out of every experience with your pet is important to you. You love taking your dog for walks, but sometimes the lack of having an effective dog walking system and having to carry so much stuff is such a pain that it makes your walks less enjoyable. It’s an issue that you no longer need to face. With the Gismo leash holder + system, you can rest assured that both you and your dog will be happy, comfortable and safe.

Gismo Starter Kit: Handle + Poop Bag Dispenser

Walk two dogs tangle free
+ Dual Leash Holder Connectable

imGismo Flashlight
+ LED Flashlight Connectable

+ Training Kit Connectable (Clicker + Treat Container)

Everything you need on your walk can now be held in one hand. Designed by Canine Master Chris Onthank, Gismo is the new and innovative, leash holder + system that carries all your dog-walking gear in one hand. The all-in-one ergonomic design holds any leash and allows you to walk your dog(s) with ease and comfort. The Starter Kit can be customized by adding additional connectables to it.

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