starter kit: handle + poop bag dispenser

everything you need on your walk can now be held in one hand.


I’m the first dog-walking device that holds your leash and my many connectables.

i’m Gismo is a revolutionary modular leash holder that helps you carry your dog walking gear. With multiple configurations, the i’m Gismo is adaptable to every dog walk and lifestyle need.


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Gismo’s Features

  • supreme comfort: my soft silicone grip comfortably fits hands of all sizes. i am super lightweight and easy to carry. my grip eliminates hand soreness and chafing commonly seen when holding leashes.
  • leash carabiner: my specifically designed carabiner can hold any dog weighing up to 120lbs. replace my standard carabiner with my dual leash carabiner to freely walk two dogs in one hand. i recommend a 3ft leash or shorter to walk with me.
  • freedom: my sliding and pivoting carabiner absorbs your dog’s abrupt movements offering an amazing sense of freedom. pulling and tugging become more manageable with my patented rail sliding system.
  • multi-function button: use my multi-purpose button for many things. you can pair my button with one of my connectables and it will change my function.
  • poop bag dispenser connectable(included): i am your poop bag dispenser. i easily hold one standard poop bag roll. tearing a poop bag is easy with me exceptional pull and tear design.
  • poop bag carry clip (featured on connectable): i will help you carry a used poop bag. hang the poop bag from my clip so you don’t have to carry the mess.

starter kit

i’m Gismo handle + poop bag dispenser


i’m Gismo colors



change my function by adding one of my many connectables: 

my all-in-one ergonomic design holds any dog leash and allows you to walk your dog with ease and comfort. you can customize me by adding any of my connectables. you see, i hold everything you need to free your hands.

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