Leash Holder + System

The first dog-walking system that holds your leash and many connectables

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Ergonomic Design

The all-in-one design allows you to hold everything you need to free your hands

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Dual Leash Carabiner Connectable

Rail sliding system and freely rotating double carabiner minimize leash tangling when walking two dogs

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Lightweight and Easy to Carry

Ergonomic design reduces hand soreness and chafing commonly seen when holding leashes.

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Don't Hold the Mess!

Bag dispenser holds full used bag in carry clip until you can dispose of it.

Rechargeable Flashlight Connectable

Add-on flashlight connects to i'm Gismo handle illuminating both front and rear.

Enjoy Your Walks Again!

i'm Gismo sliding and pivoting carabineer absorbs your dog’s abrupt movements, offering an amazing sense of freedom.

Keep your bags handy!

i'm Gismo poop bag dispenser integrates with your handle.

Dual Leash Carabiner Connectable

Walks two dogs tangle free in one hand!